Step  aboard one of our vintage carriages, and journey back in time as we take you on a trip into our islands past.  

Join Us For High Tea

You are invited for an afternoon on the grounds of the historic Kilohana Plantation Estate for Glory Days high tea and tour. It's a truly unique way to experience Kauai.

Kilohana was the premier sugar cane plantation estate on the island of Kauai.

Enjoy the beauty of our island as we take you on a tour of the magnificent grounds and gardens of the plantation. As we travel around the central 35 acres we will share with you some of our islands unique history and help you become familiar with the many flowers and plants that make Kauai the Garden Island.

Explore  the past, present and future of the sugar cane industry in Hawaii as we take you on a one hour tour through the fields of a working sugar cane plantation. learn how sugar is made as our expert drivers explain each step in the growing and processing of sugar cane.

Our 18 passenger, Candy Apple Red wagon is equipped with comfortable padded bench seats and easy access boarding. Our team of Clydesdales does all the work while you sit back, relax and discover parts of our island often missed by the average visitor.

Our drivers pride themselves on being experts on every aspect of the 165 year history of the sugar cane industry and each step in the processing of sugar cane.

The informal atmosphere of our tours allows us to share this information with you and answer any questions you may have. By conducting our tours through working sugar cane fields we can give you a unique perspective of the industry.

Sample raw sugar cane in the same manner in which it was enjoyed by the early Hawaiians.

During the tour we will discuss the history of the sugar industry on Kauai Starting at the beginning in 1835 when the industry got it's start.  Then touching the highlights as we cover the over 150 years of growth and change. As we arrive in  modern times we will leave the history behind us and look into the processing of sugar today. We start at the beginning with how we plant sugar cane and where the seedlings come from. Then take you through all the steps including why it is important  to burn sugar cane before it is harvested. We also discuss the environmental impact of the burning of sugar cane on Kauai. Once the the harvest is complete we turn our discussion to the milling of sugar on Kauai. From the moment  the cane reaches the mill until it ready to leave the island as a raw sugar product. 

We also discuss how sugar cane waste is becoming as  important as the sugar itself. Since we do not usually buy raw sugar, we will follow the industry through the refining of raw sugar into a variety of table sugar products. As  you enjoy the tour we will stop and sample a small piece of sugar cane so you may enjoy a taste of Kauai's oldest industry.

The guest should be prepared to enjoy the sunshine, as there is no cover on the wagon, however we do go in and out of shaded areas. there are also umbrellas available for shade or an occasional sprinkle. The wagon is easily boarded through stairs at the rear with nice hand rails for easy balance.

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